Brought to you by an Executive Team with 46 years of cumulative experience in the industrial hemp and functional food and beverage industries, Hennepens is dedicated to its mission of ensuring hemp in every home! New York State and states across America are embracing the reintroduction of the valuable, versatile, sustainable industrial hemp crop, and Hennepens is proud to deliver superior quality raw and manufactured hemp materials and goods to you. We manufacture, co-pack, distribute, and broker a wide spectrum of hemp goods and densely nutritional functional hemp foods.

“We believe that industrial hemp is here to serve the needs of humanity, to connect the dots between agriculture, industry, health, and the economy so that we can create vibrant, regenerative communities. This is in orchestral alignment with the mission of The Arc and the The Arc Community. We are elated over this convergence and the realization of a local mission-based for-profit company partnering synergistically with a non-profit organization with members eager to work with us. It is an honor and a privilege to be in this position.”